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This website is dedicated to Kelly Collens and her healing journey.


Kelly Darlene Collens has blessed the world with her presence wearing many hats. She is the mother of two beautiful children, Sam (recently 16) and Ashley, 13. She is the daughter of Christine and Wayne Collens, step daughter of Kim Collens, sister to Rick and Kent Collens, as well as a friend, mentor and co-worker to many.

She has worked as a nurse and medical consultant for over 20 years, bringing her incredible intelligence and remarkably unique skill set to those in the healthcare field who need it most – both patients and professionals alike. 

Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Kelly personally will know that her petite 5’1” exterior is not to be underestimated. She can light up a room with her radiant smile and impress anyone with her “get er done, no hassles approach” to achieving greatness.

Kelly never wastes any time seizing an opportunity to share her wit and dynamic intelligence. And no one could ever predict when she’ll bust out her dance expertise by performing the sprinkler dance move.

"I've known Kelly since high school. She was always a pretty little thing with a big voice which was clearly displayed in her cheerleading skills. Kelly has always been a peace maker and protector, taking care of others before herself at most times. Any roadblock that has been in Kelly's way, she has managed to take on with confidence, perseverance and intelligence. She has become a close and dear friend to me and I am thankful that God has brought us together." Susan Sandham

Please visit Kelly's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kellyc/

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